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Ulike Sapphire Rose IPL Laser Machine Hair Removal (120W)

Ulike Sapphire Rose IPL Laser Machine Hair Removal (120W)

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-Principle: The home hair removal device uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to irradiate the skin, and the light energy is converted into heat (70°C), which destroys the regenerative structure of hair follicles, thereby inhibiting hair growth and causing hair to shrink and fall off.

-New A++ sapphire freezing point technology, which is significantly improved compared to the fourth generation cutting process compared to the fourth generation. The higher the grade of sapphire, the stronger the light transmittance and the better the hair removal effect. The latest sapphire technology, with LED red light, the hair removal effect is about 10%-20% higher than other Ulike hair removal devices.

-The core technology of sapphire freezing point, the cold contact surface, can help the skin cool down to 10 degrees, reduce the heat on the skin surface, protect the skin surface from the light and better protect the skin.

-Most hair removal devices on the market still use the first-generation concave thermo-light technology, which will hurt the skin and pain when used. The Ulike Hair Removal Apparatus has a flat lamp holder, which is skin-care and painless. The flat lamp cap can overwhelm the hair follicles, and the lamp cap is in full contact with the roots of the hair follicles, which can bring the hair follicles closer to the high-energy area.

-The flat lamp cap is easy to clean, has strong light transmittance, it can be cleaned with one wipe, and the light transmittance is better. The concave lamp cap is easy to accumulate burnt hair, and it is not easy to clean, which affects the light transmission.

-The lighting speed and cooling effect are better than other Ulike hair removal devices.

-Compared with beauty salons, our products are simple to operate, affordable, easy to use, painless, effective, and permanent hair removal.

-Eight medical-grade light therapy skin rejuvenation lamps, which are 12 times the effect of ordinary LEDs. Hair removal and skin rejuvenation can be done in one machine, achieving the effect of whitening + skin rejuvenation.




-Colour: Black

--Number of flashes: unlimited number of flashes (one people are available for life)

-Gear adjustment: "soft", "body", "power"

-Energy intensity: 3-6J/cm²

-Lamp holder material grade: A++

-Lamp holder area: 3.3cm²

-Wavelength: 510-1200nm

-Speed: 0.7s/flash

-Flash mode: short press the flash button for single flash/long press the flash button for continuous flash

-Sapphire grade: A++

-Product standard: host, goggles, shaver, power supply, manual

-Frequency of use: 3 times a week for 1-2 weeks, 2 times a week for 3-5 weeks, once a month for more than 5 weeks / half a month


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