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Skintific Truffle Biome Skin Reborn Cream Gel Moisturizer (Two in One)

Skintific Truffle Biome Skin Reborn Cream Gel Moisturizer (Two in One)

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  • Deeply repair skin
  • Relieves breakouts and signs of irritation
  • Balances skin microflora
  • Maintain skin barrier and smooth skin


Hero Ingredients:

White Truffle Extract : Supports, restores and promotes radiant skin by fighting free radicals, leaving skin supple

5X Ceramide : Restores the skin's natural barrier protection to prevent skin from losing its moisture

Probiotic Complex : Effectively nourishes and hydrates the skin, improves skin barrier function, and creates a natural skin barrier that accelerates skin renewal and improves skin health by complementing the skin microbiome



Skintific White Truffle Cleansing Essence


Innovation that combines essence and cleanser in one product. This Cleansing Essence functions to cleanse facial skin while treating skin barrier. With an essence-like texture, it is very lightly used even for sensitive skin. Alba contains high levels of White Truffle, which is rich in fatty acids, Peptides and Vitamin C to promote supple and healthy skin. Equipped with Amino Acid which functions as a water reservoir on the skin to keep the skin moist and make it soft and tight, as well as 5X Ceramide which keeps the skin barrier healthy.


Size: 80 ml



●Cleansing and caring for the skin barrier

●Nourish and maintain the skin barrier

●Makes skin firm and radiant

●Safe for sensitive skin

●Skin is supple and healthy after washing the face

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