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Sin Boon Kee ROYAL BLACK COFFEE Sugar Free [18g x 10 Sachets]

Sin Boon Kee ROYAL BLACK COFFEE Sugar Free [18g x 10 Sachets]

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The Royal Black Coffee — Sin Boon Kee’s latest product perfected by years of trial and error. Using only natural coffee beans formulated by us, we have created a new coffee flavour that is unique, while still preserving our traditional coffee taste. Enjoy a cup of Royal Black Coffee that offers a crisp, bright and mouthful-rich flavour. 皇家顶级咖啡是新文记革故鼎新的作品,经过了多年的反复试验而完善。 我们使用了高级的天然咖啡豆,再以创新的配方,创造了一种独特的新咖啡口感,同时保留了我们的传统咖啡风味。 享用一杯皇家顶级咖啡,可带来爽滑顺口,香醇浓郁的口味。 Sin Boon Kee Royal Black Coffee (Sugar Free) 新文记皇家顶级咖啡 (无糖) • Sin Boon Kee, Penang Oldest Coffee Factory (Since 1944) • Premium Coffee without Sugar • 18g x 10 Sachets • Unique coffee taste • Mouthful of aromatic aftertaste • No added preservation • 新文记,槟城最古老的咖啡工厂(自1944年) • 无糖高端咖啡 • 18克x 10包 • 特别的咖啡口味 • 满口的芳香回味 • 不含防腐剂 Note: Sugar is added at the end of the Kopi-O roasting process to provide a caramelized finish and takeaway any bitter aftertaste and it does not serve to increase the sugar levels of the Kopi-O. The result is a richer and more fragrant coffee than Western-style coffee.

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