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Sin Boon Kee Penang Traditional White Coffee Powder 500g

Sin Boon Kee Penang Traditional White Coffee Powder 500g

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Sin Boon Kee Penang Traditional White Coffee Powder 新文记槟城传统白咖啡粉 500g克 Penang Traditional White Coffee Powder is Sin Boon Kee's latest product which is Penang's first hand brew White Coffee. While it carries on the white coffee tradition, this white coffee produces an exceptional taste, leaves you with a rich, creamy taste that lingers long after drinking it. While it gives you a robust coffee flavour, it's pleasant aroma & fragrant makes one always craving for another cup! "槟城传统白咖啡粉"是新文记的最新产品,是槟城首创的手冲白咖啡。 虽然它继承了白咖啡的传统,但这种白咖啡会产生一种特殊的味道,让您在饮用后留下浓郁的奶香味。 虽然它为您提供浓郁的咖啡风味,但它令人愉悦的香气和芬芳使人总是渴望再来一杯! Preparation method: - Place the desired quantity of White Coffee into a coffee filter and pour hot water over it. - Let the coffee simmer for a few minutes to get the best aromatic flavour and taste. - Add White Coffee condensed milk and evaporated milk to taste. *You would need a coffee filter for this as it is ground coffee. 准备方法: - 将所需量的白咖啡放入咖啡过滤器中,然后倒入沸水。 - 让咖啡浸几分钟,以获得最佳的芳香风味和口感。 - 加入白咖啡炼乳和淡奶来调味。 *您需要一个咖啡过滤器,因为它是磨碎的咖啡粉。 • Sin Boon Kee, Penang Oldest Coffee Factory (Since 1944) • PREMIUM & PURE White Coffee • NON-INSTANT • 500g • Unique coffee taste • Mouthful of aromatic aftertaste • No added preservation • 新文记,槟城最古老的咖啡工厂(自1944年) • 高端&优质纯白咖啡 • 非即溶咖啡 • 500克 • 特别的咖啡口味 • 满口的芳香回味 • 不含防腐剂

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