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SEVICH Facial Gua Sha Board Dredging Meridian And Face-Lifting Tool

SEVICH Facial Gua Sha Board Dredging Meridian And Face-Lifting Tool

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[Product Specifications]

• 100% brand new and high quality

•Type: Crystal Gua Sha board

•color: White

•Material: beeswax

• Specification: 110mm*60mm*7mm

•Package contains: crystal scraping board + paper manual



• Facial lifting

•Environmental and skin-friendly

•Rhombic anti-skid

• Reduce swelling and dehumidification

Compared with the inferior horn boards on the market, the crystal beauty board has a very exquisite polishing process, fine texture, painless shave, no wear, and excellent effect.



Use moisturizing water to warm the face before makeup

Lifting, tightening, facial relaxation, and saying goodbye easily



1. Side twisting method (face)

Stick the chin on the bottom of the scraping board and the edge will not move

Twist backwards at the facial fit

It can tighten the face and slow down the sagging skin


2. Point Rafa

Point pressure design

Eliminate eye bags and lift the corners of the eyes

Can dazzle the eyes and remove wrinkles


3. Side twisting method (body parts)

Control acupuncture points at the bottom corner, rub and pull

Rub clockwise

Can relieve pain and detoxify by rubbing acupoints


It can be applied to multiple parts in one piece, not only for the face, but also for scraping the back, legs, shoulders, and neck



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