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SBK Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans Signature Blend (500g)

SBK Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans Signature Blend (500g)

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Our Signature Blend is an intense, full bodied, espresso blend. Our customers love its dark roasted flavour. 

This Signature Blend is bold and smooth in taste and so flavorful that you will not find much cream or sugar needs to be added. 


Description: Caramelly, Dark chocolaty & Sweetness

Roast: Dark Roast


Aroma: 4.5

Acidity: 1

Body: 4.5

After-Taste: 4.5


SIN BOON KEE is the oldest coffee factory in Penang, established in 1944 and we have been suppling quality coffee beans for 77 years to many cafes including raw beans for them to roast on their own

As we are a leading coffee supplier, we provided customers with one of the lowest prices for our coffee beans. 

Our selection goes from Sumatera, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and Java as well.

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