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Sapphire AIR-3 IPL Laser Hair Removal (Purple 60W)

Sapphire AIR-3 IPL Laser Hair Removal (Purple 60W)

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The Ulike Air3 sapphire hair removal device has reached a new level of energy improvement, making the hair removal effect stronger and better. From the perspective of use, the new upgrade of sapphire freezing point technology also makes the product freeze faster and longer, and it is less painful and does not hurt the skin. The freezing point is increased to 3 times the original time, and hair removal is more comfortable. In addition, the new product is equipped with intelligent automatic continuous flash technology, the light output speed is increased to 0.7s, the hair removal speed becomes faster, and the efficiency is higher. In the area of hair removal, the product has also been iteratively upgraded - hair removal does not leak, the ineffective size is reduced again, the weak spot is reduced to 1.9c㎡, and the hair removal is more uniform.




●Stronger effects: More efficient hair removal

● Cooler than ever:A new generation of Sapphire Ice-Cooling Tech ,Freezes faster and for longer

● Faster operation:0.7s/flash with automatic continuous flashes,Spend less time on your session

● Narrower for more focused use:Reduced ineffective area,Increased effectiveness and less wasted energy

●One-year warranty.




●The diamond freezing technology patent (Triple temperature control refrigeration technology) solves the burning sensation and pain experienced when taking an IPL treatment at home. We strive to be the drivers of the industry's progress and development. Make it easy for people to have a luxurious IPL hair removal treatment at home.


●Over 30% of the profit is allocated to research and development of hair removal technology every year. Until 2022, Ulike has nearly 100 patents worldwide and specializes in high-end and advanced medical IPL hair removal.


●Ulike has sold more than 3,000,000 units throughout the world and is popular in 17 nations and regions.




1.Shave Hair: Keep your skin wet or smooth before you shave it.

2.Power on: Connect the adapter before opening it.

3.Open Device: Press a button on the side.

4.Choose Level: High level, high light power. We suggest starting from the first level.

5.Wear goggles: Protect your eyes, and keep uncomfortable away.

6.Enjoy IPL hair removal: Let the light export press on your skin closely and then presses the firing button.


Treatment frequency: 2-3 times a week for 3-4 weeks.


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