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OLDTOWN Classic Instant Premix 3 In 1 White Coffee (38g x 15's)

OLDTOWN Classic Instant Premix 3 In 1 White Coffee (38g x 15's)

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'The OldTown signature White Coffee recipe stays true to the authentic taste of traditional Ipoh White Coffee.


The recipe uses a three-bean blend to create a distinct taste profile. Arabica beans produce sweet, nutty and aromatic notes. Robusta beans give our White Coffee a stronger body and deep, roasted taste. Liberica beans are rare and is the reason why OldTown White Coffee lingers long on the palate.


Furthermore, OldTown�s controlled degree of roasting caramalizes the beans to produce White Coffee that is exceptionally aromatic and smooth.


- 3 bean blend


- Classic: Smooth& Decadent | Traditional Taste


- Hazelnut Flavoured: Nutty & Buttery | Fragrant Aroma


- Natural Cane ASugar: Delicate Aroma


- Coffee & Creamer: Perfectly balanced | Creamy & Smooth


- 25% Less Sugar: Authentic Taste


- Extra Rich: Full bodied | Bold & Rich


- Salted Caramel Flavoured: Savoury Sweet | Delicious & Indulgent


Pack Size

� Each pack contains 15 sticks.



� Pour contents of the sticks into a cup. Add 180ml hot water (80�C).


Storage Guidelines

� Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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