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Natural Organic Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 100% original - 800gm

Natural Organic Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 100% original - 800gm

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100% natural, Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts available on earth. Mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains, this salt crystallized more than 200 million years ago and remains protected from modern-day pollution and impurities. It contains more than 84 trace minerals and none of the additives or aluminum compounds found in refined table salt. All of our Himalayan salt products are "Gourmet Food Grade" and the very highest quality Himalayan salt available.


Fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt presents many exciting culinary uses. Add it to your translucent salt shaker where dinner guests and family will appreciate its lovely pink hue. Dip the rim of your drink glass in fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt to enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktails. Rub into meats, or sprinkle over vegetables before roasting or grilling. There are so many ways this pristine, all-natural Himalayan salt will add depth and dimension to your meals while offering many benefits to the body.


One of the best salts for health benefits, Promoting a healthy pH balance in cells, Stimulating Circulation, Preserving and curing meats, Daily cooking and Detoxification of the body.


PURE - Extracted from pristine Himalayan Mountains. Deep mined from un-contaminated source. Our 100% Virgin pink Himalayan seasoning salt is mined from, authentic Himalayan salt boulders in Pakistan. It is Chemical Free & Flouride Free.


GOURMET FLAVOR - Enhance the flavor of any dish with Himalicious Himalayan Pink Salt! Himalayan rock salt has a cleaner, slightly floral taste compared to sea salt. Use as is or combine with herbs and spices to create your own unique flavor. Robust flavor and no bitter after taste. Add to your Reverse Osmosis filtered water to "Re-Mineralize" your drinking water safely.


TRACE MINERALS - Unlike table or sea salt, Himalayan salt has about 84 essential trace minerals such as iron, potassium, copper and magnesium.



HOMEMADE COSMETICS - Pink Himalayan salt crystals are a great addition to your homemade beauty products. Skin nourishing benefits, our Himalayan salt crystals compliment any bath salt or bath bomb recipe. Mix with water to make a hair spritz for beach waves or a facial toner!



PERFECT FOR SALT SHAKERS - extra fine salt, it makes a great table salt.



MEASURES easily for accurate baking.



DISSOLVES QUICKLY and fully, making it ideal for use in bath bombs, soaps and facial scrubs.



ETHICALLY SOURCED and certified authentic from the most mineral rich mines, making it the highest-quality Himalayan pink salt on the market.

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