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Lip Sleeping Mask - 14g

Lip Sleeping Mask - 14g

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Lip sleeping mask that contains 3 types of vitamins to provide moist and healthy lips while sleeping.


Suitable for


❖ Those with dry and flaky lips


❖ Lips become dehydrated or chapped when using a lipstick


❖ Those whose lip products don’t appear vivid, or not long lasting






❖ Makes sure Moist and soft lips every day


Formulated with more than 3 Vitamin ingredients (Vitamin C derivative AA 2G, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5) to


make the lips radiant, moisturized, and soothed




❖ Soft and lightweight balm formula that melts at skin temperature


Stays put on the lips on a thin layer for absorption into the lips and to soften dry flakes




❖ Gentle removal of dry skin on lips


Used at the last step of nightly skincare routine and ends the day with a lip mask




Recommended Usage:


1) Apply a thick layer on the lips before going to bed.


- Gently melts away old dry flakes and moisturizes dehydrated lips during the night


2) Carefully remove with a cotton pad or a cotton swab.


- Lips prepped for smooth and primed for lip makeup!




Works as a lip balm


◎ Apply a thin layer whenever the lips feel dry.


- Moisturizes and adds glow to the lips

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