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Kinohimitsu Skinny Coffee (14s)

Kinohimitsu Skinny Coffee (14s)

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LEANER, SHARPER, HAPPIER. We Are More Than That! An exquisite blend of Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia imbued with rich and subtle flavour that brings you a delightful experience. A great natural way to feel energized and light. Why we picked Robusta Coffee over Arabica Coffee? : • Higher chlorogenic acid • Stronger aroma • Richer taste • Lower acidity • Better improvement of concentration and mental alertness • Increase basal metabolic rate more effectively Ingredients: Finely Grounded Premium Coffee Bean Boosts energy, mood and alertness. Garcinia Cambogia Supports weight management. Soluble Corn Fibre (Prebiotic) Improves bowel movement and gut health. How To Use: Mix 1 sachet with 150ml of hot water.

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