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Joyoushealth - Kidney Tea | Men Strong - Tea | Herbal Tea (20g x 15sachetx 1 pack)

Joyoushealth - Kidney Tea | Men Strong - Tea | Herbal Tea (20g x 15sachetx 1 pack)

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✅ Lumbar acid back pain improved!

Enhanced blood vessels, divine integrative physical self-elimination ability🤩


✅ Nocturnal enuresis/Urine bubbles reduced!

Achieve good nutrition, normal function recovery✨


✅ Increased love ability for men/longer lasting!

High libido, early excretion without meeting, cold feeling without meeting 😘


✅ Boost your body's immunity!

Now the heavenly body is KUAT! 💪🏻


🌱 养肾 Tea is the reason for the 6 types of medium distribution system, all of them are the medium 药都 [Soyang Heavenly King] 👇

1️⃣Enjoy: Adjust endocrine system, balance load, enhance functional ability, enhance pleasure

2️⃣Ginseng: 满补源气、生つ安心、补补 benefit气、辘高性聚性

3️⃣Yellow Spirit: Rejuvenating energy, brilliance, fierce masculinity, male sexual ability reconciliation, male base thinness

4️⃣Mulberry: effects on physical sweating, increased sperm quality

5️⃣Red: anti-aging, strengthen immunity, strengthen skin and physical strength, anti-fatigue

6️⃣Conclusion: Promote immunity, slow down old age

💡15 parcels in one box

💡250-300ml boiling water for 5 minutes

💡1 parcel for each tempura


⏰Drinking time table

Breakfast or 1 pack of afternoon snack


⚠Atsushi Awakening:

❌For small children and women who do not match

❌For high blood sugar malfunctions

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