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Italian White Truffle Vital Spray Serum 100ml, Vitalizing glowy Hydrating Soothing Serum face mist spray

Italian White Truffle Vital Spray Serum 100ml, Vitalizing glowy Hydrating Soothing Serum face mist spray

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- A full alleviating skincare experience made with Italian white truffle and infused with natural red oils.


Micro-molecules of the vital spray serum directly enter your pores, instantaneously absorbing the product and not leaving behind any residue like other sprays do. Suitable for all skin types, this spray serum reverses fatigued skin into a young and glowing skin tone.


Size : 100ml


- The infusion of white truffle, carefully extracted from Piedmont, Italy, delivers ample minerals and nutrients to the skin. Piedmont is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Unlike other types of mushrooms, white truffle requires a specific extraction process, 




- The vital spray serum includes Lithospermi radix extract, 3 types of red flower oils (rose hip oil, red rose oil, scented geranium oil), cherry blossom extract, Aquaxyl, Beautiful Herb Story, Lora-Anti-S that provide organic nutrients to the skin and contribute to skin relief, skin vitality, and texture enhancement)




- The exclusion of all surfactants layers the serum into a serum level and an essence level. After shaking, the two layers mix thoroughly, ready to seep into your pores and instantaneously moisturize the skin with a glow 




- With multi functions, this vital spray serum works as a mist/serum/setting spray. Use it both in your skincare/makeup routine in any and every step Italian V-LABEL certified *Clinically tested, hypoallergenic






Q : How effective are white truffles for the skin?


A : There are studied results of white truffles having 6 times higher content of polyphenols and 10 times higher content of


flavonoids than propolis which makes white truffles a great antioxidant agent.




Q : How is this Vital Spray Serum different from the First Spray Serum?


A : They are both multi-functional spray serums, the Vital Spray Serum focuses more on soothing irritated skin.




Q : When do you use the Vital Spray Serum?


A : Spritz on whenever you feel dehydrated or when your skin is irritated. It calms and revitalizes the skin providing


hydration throughout the skin layers.




Q : What skin type is recommended?


A : The Vital Spray Serum is recommended for all skin types especially easily irritated skin. It is clinically proven for


safe use.

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