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Immortal Coffee - Ready to Drink - Healthy Beverage

Immortal Coffee - Ready to Drink - Healthy Beverage

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Benefits of drinking Immortal Coffee:

1. Boost collagen levels to keep us looking much younger than our actual age.

2. Reduce bad cholesterol levels and detox fatty livers.

3. Improve blood circulation to avoid joint pains, stiff neck, knee and back problems.

4. Natural antioxidants to prevent cell damage to fight against heart problems and cancer.

5. Improve energy levels to complete all our daily tasks. Have enough energy everyday to work, exercise and spend time with love ones.

6. Cure Hangovers causes by alcohol.

7. Deep sleep during the night. 

8. Lose weight the healthy way.


Main ingredients:

Brazilian arabica coffee, water, Chicory Root, Fenugreek, Fennel Seed, Dandelion Root, burdock root, carob, cinnamon, ginger, sassafras root.


Taste profile: Bitter black coffee taste with a slight sour aftertaste. 



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