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Enchen Electric Nose Hair Trimmer Waterproof Portable Double-Edged Blade Nose Trimmer Rechargeable Home Travel

Enchen Electric Nose Hair Trimmer Waterproof Portable Double-Edged Blade Nose Trimmer Rechargeable Home Travel

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👉Very Important, Please Read Before Make Order! 【EN001】Type-C Universal Fast Charging 【N3】AA Battery(Included) 【EN001】 🔴Main Features: ✅Aluminum Alloy Body ● The aluminum metal is frosted with multi-faceted cutting effect, and the compact body is full of texture in the hand. ✅High-speed Motor, Shaving a Breeze ● 6000 rpm high-speed motor, high speed, more stable performance, high-speed motor with a sharp blade, instantly smashes the residue of nose hair and avoids embarrassment of hair sticking. ✅Dome-shaped Hidden Cutter Head ● Hidden cutter head, blind shaving will not hurt the nose. The rotating blade is hidden in the protective shell, the blade does not directly contact the skin, and the rounded design of the trimming head makes trimming comfortable and safe. ✅Low Noise ● Abandoning the traditional design, the innovative transmission mechanism cooperates with Maxspeed-TM noise reduction technology to bring lower vibration and noise. ✅Remove the Cutter Head for Easy Cleaning ● After shaving, remove the cutter head and wash it quickly with water, which is convenient for cleaning. ✅Type-C Universal Fast Charging ● Universal Type-C interface, mobile phone data cable can be used directly, no need to bring extra charging cable when traveling. The built-in lithium battery can be used repeatedly, and it can be used continuously for about 90 minutes when fully charged. If you use it 1-2 times a week, about one minute each time, it can be used for about one year after charging. 🔴Specifications: Brand: ENCHEN Name: ENCHEN Nose Hair Trimmer Model: EN001 Material: aluminum alloy Color: silver Rated voltage: 5V Rated power: 2W Battery capacity: 600mAh Charging current: 120mA Charging time: 6 hours Net weight: 45g Product Size: 115×18×18mm 🔴Package Included: 1 X Nose Hair Trimmer 1 X Cleaning Brush 1 X Type-C Charging Cable 1 X Instruction Manual 【N3】 🔴Main Features: ✅Mini Fuselage ✅Frosted Anti-Fouling Process ✅Double-Edged Cutter Head ✅Rounded Knife Net ✅Low Power Consumption Design ✅Separated Fuselage --- Mini Fuselage --- The Size Of a Pen,Exquisite Design You can put it in your pocket, which is nice and portable. --- Round Design --- Anti-fouling technology of frosted fuselage Comfortable, easy to use and clean. --- Painless Shearing,Shaving Is Easy. Rotate the floating cutter head at high speed, and the double-edged cutter head can shave quickly. --- Hidden Cutter Head --- Blind Shaving Does Not Hurt The Nose. Rotary cutter head, hidden in the protective shell, the cutter head does not directly contact with the skin, and the trimming cutter head is designed with rounded corners, which makes trimming comfortable and safe. --- Low Power Consumption Design,Lasts Longer. Only one AA battery is needed. Three days, two minutes at a time, and the battery life is about one year. --- Separated Fuselage Design,Removable Cleaning The cutter head knife net can be disassembled by one key rotation, and cleaning is more convenient. 🔴Specifications: - Brand: Enchen - Product Name: Nose Hair Trimmer - Model: N3 - Type Of Battery: AA Battery(Included) - Net Weight: About 73g - Product Dimensions: 125*28*28mm 🔴Package Included: 1 x Nose Hair Trimmer 1 x User Manual

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