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BAREN 1-Minute Callus Remover Kit for Feet: Foot File & Peeling Foot Spray

BAREN 1-Minute Callus Remover Kit for Feet: Foot File & Peeling Foot Spray

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💜13 natural ingredients

💜Professional salon-level callus removal at home


✅Is the thickness and roughness of your heels causing you stress? 

✅Have you ever been embarrassed to wear sandals due to rough heels?

✅Have you faced difficulties using only a foot file for removal?

✅Have you ever found it annoying to soak your feet before using the product? 


👉 Consider Baren as your choice!

1. No need to soak—simply spray, wait one minute, and scrape it off!

2. Skin-friendly with 13 natural-derived ingredients (tested for irritation and proven non-irritating)

3. Make foot care part of your weekly evening routine with the Baren Remover Kit



Once dry, evenly apply Foot Cream or moisturizing cream.

Daily use of Foot Cream helps prevent dryness and calluses.


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[Country of Origin]                                                                                                     

Republic of Korea                                                                                                      


From South Korea or local shipping

[Return/Refund Policy]                                                                                             

BAREN reserves the right to reject any  36 months BEFORE /12 months return or refund for a simple change of mind. 


AFTER opening from the manufacture date.                                              


1 bottle of Baren peeling foot spray 100ml and 

1 Barens Stainless Foot Callus Remover (double-sided type)



Purified water glycerin, urea 1,2-hexanediol, butylene glycol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, drupe root extract, sagebrush fruit extract, wild yam root extract, cabbage extract, pine leaf extract, yarrow extract, Green tea extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, peony root extract, ginger extract, fresh plant extract, rice extract, nasturtium extract, caprylyl glycol, arginine, ethylhexylglycerin, polysorbate 80, fragrance

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