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Malaysia's Melaka Eastern 3 IN 1 White Coffee

Malaysia's Melaka Eastern 3 IN 1 White Coffee

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EASTERN 3IN1 WHITE COFFEE Melaka Famous ---------------------------------------- A perfect smooth blend of the original white coffee. Rich, creamy and aromatic, it has a heightened lingering mouth feel.💛 Our Coffee: Original : 40g x15stick ----------------------------------------- PREPARATION METHOD:☕ Pour contents info coffee cup,add in 180ml hot water,stir until dissolve and serve. --------------------------------------------------- EASTERN 3IN1 WHITE COFFEE Eastern 3in1 White Coffee seamlessly combines 2 types of premium coffee beans that complement each other, including Arabica and Robusta to brew a cup of aromatic white coffee. By carefully selecting and meticulously roasting these coffee beans to perfection,Eastern 3in1 White Coffee maintains its stringent use of traditional methods to preserve the great taste of authentic white coffee, one that has been enjoyed from generation to generation. Every sip is a timeless indulgence with its smooth,aromatic,creamy taste that lingers to fascinate all coffee lovers across centuries.

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